1. Control: Collars provide better control over the dog's movements, especially for larger and stronger breeds. They allow the owner to have a firmer grip on the dog's neck, making it easier to guide and direct them.


2. Training: Collars are often used in training sessions as they allow for quick and direct communication between the owner and the dog. They can be used for leash corrections and to reinforce commands more effectively. Perfect for puppies! 🐶 


3. Convenience: Collars are generally easier and quicker to put on and take off compared to harnesses. This can be particularly beneficial for dogs that are well-behaved and do not require the added support or control provided by a harness.


4. Safety: Some argue that collars are safer in certain situations, such as when walking in crowded areas or through narrow spaces. They are less likely to get caught on objects or tangled, reducing the risk of injury. 


dog with lead and collar sitting in green backyard, dog fashion photography, dog collar and lead set in brown colour


We ourselves never leave harness on our dogs cause of safety reasons, but with collars we can be assured that our fur babies are safe and well!