2-In-1 Dog Harness & Lead Bundle in Brown
2-In-1 Dog Harness & Lead Bundle in Brown
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  • Vegan | Durable | Hypoallergenic
  • Handmade | Approved & Tested Quality
  • 90 Day Return & Exchange Policy
  • Guarantee 18 Months

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Approved | Tested Quality
-Guarantee 18 Months-

Vegan | Sustainable & Ethical Fashion

Handmade from Pineapple leather - Pinatex

We donate 5% from each purchase to Latvias animal shelters

Please note that each product is handmade and it can differ from picture or one another with small difference.

Piñatex® can be cleaned with a wet cloth. If the accessory is heavily dirty it can be rinsed under warm water, but never fully submerged, as this may damage the Piñatex®. Once cleaned buff with a soft cloth.

Accessories should be taken off when going for swimming or long sessions in water.

  • We ship out 1-2 business days

  • If the accessory is out of stock or You want custom made one, we can produce in 3-7 business days! Contact us info@vegari.shop